Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy is in relation to use of the website and the transmitting of an application for employment.

Warburn Estate acknowledges its commitment to the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 in relation to the storage, management and disclosure of personal information in the course of conducting its business.

This Privacy Policy applies to past, present and potential future employees of Warburn Estate and to users of the website.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information or an opinion (whether true or not) about people we work with or have worked with in the past and information about people who have registered an interest or used in any of our marketing or sales material or registered to use any functionality on our website.

It may range from the very sensitive (e.g. medical history or condition) to the everyday (e.g. address and phone number). It might include the opinions of others about work performance (whether true or not), work experience and qualifications, aptitude test results, peer review, appraisal and other information obtained by us directly or in working with people. Personal information includes sensitive information.

What is sensitive information?

Sensitive information is a special category of personal information. It is information or opinion in relation to:

  • racial or ethnic origin;
  • political opinion;
  • membership of a political association;
  • religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliations;
  • membership of a professional or trade association or membership of a trade union;
  • sexual preferences or practices;
  • criminal record;
  • health or disability (at any time);
  • expressed wishes about the future provision of health services.

It includes personal information collected and can, in most cases, only be collected or disclosed with your consent.

How do we collect personal information?

Warburn Estate collects information in several ways:

  • from you directly when you post, fax or email your details to us as a response to advertising, a response to a request for personal information on one of our websites, or a response to a request to fill out our registration forms;
  • from you verbally when you are interviewed by Warburn Estate for employment;
  • from your past employers or contacts when we conduct references;
  • from you when we receive the results of competency or psychometric tests in which you participate;
  • from clients when we receive the feedback on your performance, whether positive or negative;
  • if we receive information about a workplace incident or accident in which you are involved;
  • if we receive information about any insurance investigation, litigation, registration or professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry in which you are involved; or any additional information you provide to us.

Storage & Security of Personal Information

We take all reasonable steps to ensure security of our websites. Information stored or passed through our website is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities.

Please notify us immediately at if you believe there has been any unauthorised access to your information or any other breach of security.

How does Warburn Estate use your personal information?

Your personal information may be used in connection with:

  • your actual or possible work placement;
  • your performance appraisals;
  • your assessment of your ongoing performance;
  • any tests or assessment that you might be required to undertake;
  • our identification of your training needs;
  • any workplace rehabilitation;
  • our management of any complaint, investigation or inquiry in which you are involved;
  • any insurance claim or proposal that requires the disclosure of your personal information.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Your personal or sensitive information may be disclosed to:

  • potential clients of Warburn Estate ;
  • referees if you have been a prior employee;
  • our insurers;
  • a Workers Compensation body;
  • any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.

If you do not wish to provide us with personal information we require to conduct our business (or provide us with inaccurate or incorrect information);

  • we may be limited in our ability to work with you on an ongoing basis;
  • we may be limited in our ability to keep you informed of company updates, product and services information
  • we may choose not to proceed with your application for employment.

Access to Your Information

You can access the personal information that Warburn Estate holds about you by contacting the Warburn Estate Privacy Officer as set out below. We will provide you with access to your personal information unless we are legally authorised to refuse your request. We may levy a moderate administration charge for providing access.

If you wish to change personal information that is out of date or inaccurate at any time please contact us. After notice from you, we will take reasonable steps to correct any of your information which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If you wish to have your personal information deleted please let us know and we will delete that information wherever practicable.

We may refuse your request to access, amend or delete your personal information in certain circumstances. If we do refuse your request, we will provide you with a reason for our decision and, in the case of amendment, we will note with your personal information that you have disputed its accuracy.

Warburn Estate Privacy Officer contact details: