Brass Razu

Worth so much more than a Brass Razu…


Brass Razu pleases wine lovers in the market place, with its quirky name and label. The name originated from the 1920’s era when people stated they didn’t have a Brass Razu to their name! Today we would think a penny…no-one really knows the meaning, but everyone knows the enjoyment and value of a great glass of wine.

Our whites are sourced from world renowned wine growing regions – including Marlborough and the Barossa Valley.  The reds are from Australia’s best red wine country – South Australia.

Brass Razu brings back enjoyment and fun to the wine consumer, whilst delivering Warburn Estate’s hallmark of quality for price.



Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Barossa Valley Chardonnay
South Australian Shiraz
South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon